14 May 1927 Born in Vienna, Austria
1945 - 1950 Studied at the University of Vienna:

Physics,Mathematics, Chemistry,
Minor Subjects: Psychology, Philosophy,
1950 Dissertation on the subject of electrooptic,
Promotion to Dr. phil.

Collaboration at the Technical University Vienna- Subject: Electro-technics, Dicscovery of a method to date secondary lime
1952 - 1957
Worked for the Industry at Erlangen, experimental Photograpy
Since 1955
Analoggraphics-Design of the oscillations on the the screen of a cathode ray oscillograph
Since 1957
Freelancer, lives south of Munich, bookpulications with different publishers
Magazinearticles, Lectures, Radioshows, Filmscripts, Consultant for the Industry, Subjects: representations of different areas of natural sciences; special subjects: Physics, theoretical chemistry, scientifiy photography, visual perceptions, realtionship between art and technology, futurlogy, scientific and practical spaeology - expeditions into (mattockcavesystems)
Since 1957
Basic research into the dating of secondary lime with the (Radiokohlenstoff)together with Prof.Dr.K.O.Münnich of the II. Institute of Physics at the University of Heidelberg; in the following years many collaboartive projects with Prof.Dr.M.A.Geyh of the lowersaxon regional authorities at Hannover
Since 1962
experimental aesthetics
Since 1965
Application of the dating with (Radiokohlenstoff)to solve several palaeoclimatic problems together with Prof. Dr. M.A. Geyn, Lowersaxon regional authorities for (Bodenforschung), Hannover-Buchholz
Together with A.Porter head of the course "Photography and Art in the modern times" at the International College, Alpbach
Head of the tutorial "Cybernetics and Informationtheory" at the University, Frankfurt/Main
Research into Futurology together with Prof.Dr.Dr.E.H.Graul, University Marburg/Lahn
From 1970
Computergarphics with digital mainframe computers in cooperation with the Siemens research laborotory at Munich
Completion of the physical-chemical Modelconcept of the stratigraphy of form of sinter
Experminents with the Imagememory N in collaboration with the Siemens Nuclearlabrotory at Erlangen
Computeranimation: "Projection, Rotation" and else. - Used as part of multimedia presentations
1973 - 1997
University Teaching Position for "Cybernetic Aesthetics" (later called Computergraphics - Computerart) at the University of Munich
Head of the Researchgroup "Can you measure Art?" at the International Forum for Music at Breitenbrunn (together with Prof.Dr. S.J.Schmidt)
Researchtrip to Israel to reconstruct climatephases in the iceage, supported by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft
Systemanalysis for broad applicable graphics program for small computers
University Teaching Position for "Introduction into Science Fiction Literature" at the (Hochschule für Gestaltung) at Bielefeld
Cofounder of the Ars Electronica Festival at Linz, Austria
University Teaching Position "Introduction into (Perceptionpsychology)"
Awarded the title of a Professor from the Austrian Ministry for Education and Art
1984 - 1998
University Teaching Position for "Computergraphics and Computerart" at the Academy of Fine Arts, Munich
Award for Computerart of the German Association of Softwaremanufacturers e.V.
Karl-Theodor-Vogel-Award for Technic-Journalism
Cofounder of the "Medialaboratory Munich e.V."
Computeranimation "Polyeder" with the System "Mathematica"
Since 1996
Participation at several events on the subject of Mediaart, Speleology and Science Fiction
Since 1998
Worked on the subject "Animation with Mathematics", a book with CD was published about this subject in march 2002, Springer- Verlag, Heidelberg


Appointed Member of Deutsche Gesellschaft fürv Photogrphie, Member of the Art Research Center, Kansas; Appointed Member of the German PEN-Club; Appointed Member of the Writerconvention, Graz; Member of the Gesellschaft der Bildender Künste "Künstlerhaus" of Austria ; Corresponding Member of the European Academy of Sciences, Arts and Litrature, Paris, 1994-1999; Advisory Correspondent of "Leonardo", 1995-1997; Honorary Member of ISEA (Inter-Society for Electronic Art), Rotterdam; Member of Ars Mathematica, Paris