Artworks by Laurence Gartel


Elvis Series 2000

Clemons has one of the largest important, Elvis Memorabilia collections in the South East. He commissioned Gartel to interpret these objects into the artist’s style of collage.


Italian Series 1998

"My ’American eye’ is planted in pop culture and inundated with media. This makes for an interesting partner to historic Italy. The combined results are what happens in these collages." L. Gartel


Gartel: Miami International Airport 1997

"Early in 1997 I won and installed the first digital public art commission at Concourse F. It consists of 19 back lit light boxes which are the images in this series." L. Gartel



"A great deal of inspiration for these works is the 1982 movie "Bladerunner" starring Harrison Ford. So much of life is altered to work into our subconscious..." L. Gartel



"In 1992 I returned to Europe after being away for four years. The works in this series depict the influence of travel, from the long lasting summer equinox of Scotland to the magnificent architecture of Paris." L. Gartel


Florida Series 1991

"The Florida series was the first in the ’new Gartel’ mode of a body of work of combined imagery. The results are raw, honest, experimentation that maintains its own presence." L. Gartel



"What makes the 1990 series unique is the fact that new input devices allowed me to capture pictures and objects in a very different way." L. Gartel


Nuvo Japonica 1989

"There came a time in the year of 1989 when the Japanese were taking over the computer chip market. This seemed to be appearing as an unofficial war between the great nations and a real concern to American business... While there is no longer a need to fight with weapons of destruction, the high tech world seemed like the proper platform for a war...The idea was to work with traditional Japanese imagery and merge it with American Iconography." L. Gartel


Amiga Series 1987

"The Commodore Amiga Series started in 1985 when the release of the machine was introduced... The Amiga lead way for a lot of freedom." L. Gartel


Black and White 1885

"Dimension, form, design, thick vs. thin, were some of the critical ingredients for producing exciting works of art in black and white. In 1985 the birth of the Macintosh computer inaugurated itself as an art tool. The first program available was MacPaint." L. Gartel


Flower Series 1984

"In the case of myself as a computer artist, it is my goal to transform the flower into another composition and metamorphosize it, to become more of this world or perhaps possibly another." L. Gartel


Shoe Series 1982

"...a subject which continues to be part of the autobiographical nature of my dad had over 100 pairs of shoes, most never worn...I started to photograph his collection of shoes and then one day I showed this series to the display director at Saks Fifth Avenue in New York..." L. Gartel


Abstract Series 1981

"This body of work was started in 1981 while working at an animation house in New York City called Digital Effects. They were working on large VAX systems and had the very first Video Palette where one could touch on a tablet and activate various drawing commands." L. Gartel


Automotive Series 1980

"To me cars have always been moving sculptures." L. Gartel


Nude Series 1980

"It is in this time that the computer empowers me with the ability to transform the figure in unique ways. In theory, the concept is to give the human form a level of immortality. We look at the shape as beautiful but transgressed into "altered states’." L. Gartel


Early Works 1976-1979

"In 1975 I met a fellow at Buffalo State University who invited me to come and work at Media Study/Buffalo. This was an entire floor in an office building filled with lots of wires and apparatus. Two of the machines were called Rutt-Etra Synthesizer, and Paik-Abe Colorizer..."



Commission works from 1991- 1996. "This section highlights some of the more recent, more unusual commissions..." L. Gartel