Artwork/ Work Phases


2000 - 2005

"I have begun using both small and large ink jet printers to create very high-resolution color images." M. Wilson


1995 - 2000

"It was a simple matter to use my software to drive laser printers." M. Wilson


1990 - 1995

"I began making monochromatic drawings on mylar." M. Wilson


1985 - 1990

"I acquired an open flatbed plotter that could be placed directly on a stretched canvas." M. Wilson


1980 - 1985

"In 1980, I bought a personal computer with the goal of making artworks." M. Wilson


1975 - 1980

"Later in the decade, my painting became more schematic." M. Wilson


1970 - 1975

"Large, geometric drawings on paper typified my early work." M. Wilson