Artworks / Bodies of Work


Algorithmic Poetry - The joy of digital

"These works celebrate the charm and grace of algorithmic form, ’the joy of digital’." Roman Verostko, September 2010


The Upsidedown Mural

2008, digital transformations of drawings created for an upsidedown book in the 1970’s; 2nd floor view, main entrance, 11 units permanently installed on a two storey wall, 18 ft by 25 ft. The Fred Rogers Center for Early Childhood Media, St Vincent College, Latrobe, PA.


Flowers of Learning

Series from 2006: 7 pen & ink drawings, created in memory of Spalding University educators, include quotations drawn from world culture of diverse time and place. The flowers are presented as an enclosed garden embracing the highest aspirations symbolized in gardens of many cultures.


Rocktown Scrolls

’The Rocktown Scrolls are named after the Pennsylvania coalfield “patch” where I grew up dreaming wondrous dreams while sliding down the ash-dumps. They present colorful pen & ink drawings accompanied with passages selected from a wide range of literature and culture.’- R. Verostko, 2006


Pearl Park Scriptures

The format of this series is based on decorated pages of medieval illuminated manuscripts.



Algorithmic improvisations based on a single set of coordinates introduce a self similarity that permeates the form on several levels.


Visions of Hildegard

The pen plotted "Visions of Hildegarde" invite meditation through arrays of improvisation.


Epigenesis: The Growth of Form

Work Phase 1996-2000: Created as a work of art in its own right, this piece models, on a scale of 1:6, the form generating procedures employed for a pen plotted mural composed of eleven 3 foot by 6 foot units.


Ezekiel Series

Work Phase 1993: Each work is an illuminated glyphic script generated by parameter driven chaotic procedures written by the artist.


Diamond Lake Apocalypse

Presented as an opened book with a page left and a page right, the work is intentionally fashioned as a "precious object" in the tradition of the illuminated manuscript.


The Sun Canticles 1993-1996

A painting from Roman Verostko in 1966, celebrating the sun, incorporated text from the sun canticle by Francis of Assisi (1182-1226). Reminiscent of the same canticle, these pen plotted works celebrate the sun using radial algorithms.


Gaia Improvisations

Work Phase 1992-1995: The software procedure generates a "family" of forms with a strong familial resemblance.


The Derivations of the Laws

An illustrated limited edition honoring George Boole



Linear fields address the attraction and repulsion of opposites - their similarity and their difference are presented simultaneously as "West-East" or "Heaven and Earth".



The artist’s first robotic brush strokes were achieved in 1987.



Prototypes of these software procedures may be found in forms of automatism practiced by some dada artists and surrealists in the early 1920’s.


Homage to Norbert Wiener

Interactive Electronic Sculpture, 1982-1995


Seven Sisters: The Pleiades

The Seven Sisters representing the Pleiades were rendered algorithmically within a specified set of parameters


Manchester Illuminated Universal Turing Machine

A family of algorithmic pen plotted drawings, each presented with the binary text for a Universal Turing Machine (UTM), were created for an exhibition in Manchester on the occasion of the Ninth International Symposium on Electronic Art (1998).