Artworks / Bodies of Work


Current Works

In her five part series "9 double signes sans signification" and the two part series " L′ombre prend le dessus" Vera Molnar examinated in a humorous way the geometrical forms of our most used signs like letters and numbers inventing forms that refer to existing signs without having a significance



The series ’Gothique’ was created on the occasion of a commissioned work for the German-French exhibition ’Construction and Conception’. The show was arranged for the station Schöneberg in Berlin which was still shut down back in 1988.


Works from the 1980s/90s

A work phase in which the artist is still dealing with squares in a minimalistic approach in different mediums like large-sized coloured plotter drawing or paintings


Hommage à Dürer

This series is inspired by the magic square from the engraving "Melancholia" by Albrecht Dürer. Vera Molnar conntect the single numbers by one line in ascending order. The results are new geometric structures worked out in different materials such as drawings or an installation with nails and fibre.


Lettres de ma mère

This series belongs to a work group dealing with the structure of hand-writings. Getting letters from her mother every week the artist transforms the geometric forms of the writing into computer drawings. Some of the plotter drawing are then covered by hand-drawn lines.



This work phase examines the effects of minor changes in parameters of the x- and y-axis to regular squares


10 Trapèzes

A series of 10 variations of irregularly arranged trapeziums showing the progressive deconstruction of geometrical forms by a computer program which effected the changing the parameters of the x- and y-axis


144 Trapèzes

A series of 16 variations showing the progressive deformation of 144 trapeziums from a stage where the deformation is nearly invisible to the stage of the decompostion of the forms.



Disorder in the fault of a system has always evoked Vera Molnar’s interest. She reflected on the influences that a minor implication of disorder had on regular systems and on the role of random in the process of creation


Hommage à Klee

Based of a geometric picture of Paul Klee Vera Molnar examines the result of a transformation of the picture by computer and by hand-drawing


Works from the 1960s/70s

This work phase consists of plotter drawings in which the artist programed wholes randomly into fixed regular structures