Casey Reas * 1972

At the dawn of the present millenium, Casey Reas was a graduate student and researcher at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's notorius Media Lab. After years of drawing, playing video games, drumming, and designing information systems, his nascent talent for writing software forged these disparate interests into a new path. He spent the next two years developing software and installations internationally in museums and galleries.

As one of the founding professors at the Interaction Design Institute Ivrea in Italy, Reas worked with international student body to develop a new arts pedagogy for the present cultural and technical environment. Simultaneously, Reas initiated with Ben Fry. In 2003, Reas moved to Los Angeles where he is currently an assistant professor in the department of Design

| Media Art at UCLA. His classes provide a foundation for thinking about computers and the Internet as an art medium and set a structure for advanced inquiry into synthesis of culture, technology and aesthetics.

As an artist, Reas employs ideas explored in conceptual and minimal artworks as focussed through the contemporary lens of software. Reas' software and images are derived from short text instructions explaining processes which define networks. The instructions are expressed in different media including natural language, machine code, computer simulations, and static images. Each translation reaveals a different perspective on the process and combines with the others to form a more complete representation.

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