Selected Publications by the Artist

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of Alternative Visual Arts Organizations Prepared in Conjunction with a
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Catalogue/guide to The Floating Museum, Global Space Invasion (Phase II), July 7- August 20.
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Lady Luck: A Double Portrait of Las Vegas, Artist's book documenting a work
presented at the Circus Circus Casino and Spa, Las Vegas, Nevada, March 2,
"Roberta Breitmore: An Alchemical Portrait Begun in 1975," La Mamelle: Art
Contemporary 5, pp 24-27, ill.
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Forming a Sculptured/Drama in Manhattan, New York: Marginal Art and Stefanotty Gallery, Artist's book/documentation of installations at the Chelsea and Plaza
Hotels, and the Y.W.C.A. in New York, October 21 - December 15, 1974.
Re:Forming Familiar Environments, Artist's book/documentation of installation with Eleanor Coppola, San Francisco, May.
Plaza Hotel: November 2-3, 1974, Artist's book/documentation of Plaza Hotel installation, New York.
Surrounding Areas, Walnut Creek, California: Civic Arts Gallery, exhibition catalogue.
Y.W.C.A.: October 27-31, 1974, Artist's book/documentation of Y.W.C.A. installation, New York.
1973 "Slices of Silence, Parcels of Time: The Book as Portable Sculpture," Artists Books, exhibition catalogue, Philadelphia: Moore College of Art, pp 8-14.
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"Jack the Ripper: Alive and Well in San Francisco," Artweek, October 21, pp 22-23, ill. Lynn Hershman interviews Jack Chipman.
"Tom Marioni: On Record," Artweek, May 6, p 2. Interview conducted by Lynn Hershman.
"De Forest is De Forest is De Forest" Artweek, November 27, p 1, ill.