Video documentation Neuro Mirror

Neuro Mirror (2017)

The interactive installation “Neuro Mirror” deals with scientific findings on mirror neurons in an artistic way. These days, neural networks on computers can simulate complex learning processes. Deep Learning and Big Data are just some of the buzzwords of our times. While we can argue that machine learning or AI, as it is called, might never reach the level of complexity and adaptability of the human brain, we do have to acknowledge that research in the field of Artificial Intelligence has made tremendous progress in the recent past.

In “Neuro Mirror” we do not want to demonstrate the latest developments of machine learning, but instead use neural networks in an artistic manner. “Neuro Mirror” is a participative installation where visitors see themselves on three screens, arranged like a triptych. The screen in the middle displays the participant’s image in real time, while the screen of the left shows his of her image from the past. The screen on the right however represents the future, where the participant’ actions are approximated from ones past actions. Neuronal networks predict the future and create changes and extrapolations of the participant’ self-image. The set-up of the triptych is used on purpose to create a sacral feeling and suggest reflections and irritations on one’s image and self-control.

Collection of Itau Cultural.