Video documentation The Living Web

The Living Web (2002)

This CAVE-based interactive and immersive installation explores the potential of the world-wide web as interactive and immersice data and information medium. Today information on the Internet is presented in a standard fashion, as defined by the currently available image browsers.

In “The Living Web” users can immerse themselves physically and in 3D into this image and sound information streamed “live” from the Internet. Microphones pick up the users’ conversations and use them to generate and download corresponding image and sound file from the Web.

Users can furthermore interact with these data through intuitive interfaces and explore their content in more detail. “The Living Web” presents a novel system for intuitive, immersive and entertaining information creation and retrieval.

Developed in collaboration between ATR Media Information Science Research Lab, Kyoto, the FhG-IMK Frauenhofer Institute for Mediacommunication Bonn and the IAMAS Institute of Advanced Media Arts and Sciences, Gifu Japan.
Supported by the BEC Bonner Entwicklungswerkstatt für Computermedien.