Saccades (1977-1979)

In this series, Vera Molnar creates compositions consisting of horizontal lines based on drawings elaborated in 1972. In the center of each composition, on a rectangular surface, the lines are interrupted more or less randomly on different lengths by a blank space.

The linear order is therefore subject to breaks, “saccades”, the sum of which on each page provokes an ever-changing “plastic event”: a sensation of order/disorder, inversion of content/form, grouping/dissociation, the prominence of parts or the whole, etc. The visual richness of this livrimage is all the more astonishing because it is based on the (minimal) variations of three elements: the number of lines per sheet (16, 31, 38, 61), the length of the saccade (from 1 to 46 mm) and the location of the saccade on the line (logarithm including random number choices).

(From a text in French by Vincent Baby)